High Quality and Manufacturing Standards

As a specialist in commercial meat processing equipment in Canada, Lumar Ideal’s know-how will make a difference in the final product you will use. Whether it’s the equipment from our “Ideal” private label, equipment that we can custom-manufacture to your specifications, or equipment that we repair and refurbish, we make every effort to follow the same rigorous protocol to ensure product quality, safety and performance. Our meat processing equipment is in line with the strict requirements of the NSF standard, recognized worldwide for its stringent quality and safety criteria.

All work is done in our workshop (repair, refurbishing and manufacturing), and the parts, accessories, and components we hold in stock surpass industry standards. We strive to offer you only the best in meat processing and packaging equipment to ensure the optimal handling and operation of your product. When stakes and demands are high, it is reassuring to be able to count on the professional work and substantial experience of a company like ours.

Please contact us today to learn more about what motivates us and what drives us to offer you state-of-the-art solutions that meet the quality standards required by the food industry.