Bladestop 400

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The BladeStop bandsaw improves safety and reduces the risk of serious injury by stopping the blade within a fraction of a second when it senses an operator has come in contact.

Scott’s multi-award winning BladeStop™ bandsaw is uniquely designed to reduce the risk of serious injury by mechanically stopping the blade when the unit senses that the operator has come in contact. With the fastest stopping time on the market, BladeStop are global leaders in bandsaw safety with over 1500 units in market, across 30 countries.


  • BladeStop is available in three models, suitable for a range of processing requirements.
  • Dual Sensing for maximum operator safety.
  • Fastest stopping time on the market.
  • Fast restart functionality with no blade change required between stops. Simple to use and operate.
  • New coated jaws provide longer service life by extending the number of triggers by 50%