Special Know-How for Your Special Needs

Today’s consumers are looking for ever newer products, and their requirements for quality are becoming increasingly demanding. Faced with this reality, Lumar Ideal quickly understood that its customers are looking for the best food processing and packaging devices to meet and even surpass their expectations. In this respect, our company has developed, on the one hand, the “Ideal” line of state-of-the-art equipment and, on the other hand, added a custom manufacturing service to meet the most demanding customer requirements. More specifically, Lumar Ideal’s certified technicians have the ability, know-how and resources to tailor its custom and private label equipment to the voltage standards of its international clientele.

Full Assistance for Your Projects

Call on our assistance service to help you with the strategic planning of your project. A leader in the Canadian food industry since 1967, Lumar Ideal has the knowledge, expertise, and certifications to carry out any custom manufacturing project for commercial meat processing and packaging equipment.

From concept through manufacturing, including needs assessment, measurements, and plan sketching, Lumar Ideal does everything possible to ensure that your project runs smoothly by providing you with expert advice and technical assistance throughout the process.

Contact a member of the Lumar Ideal team today to learn more about what we can do for you. We cater to your needs and can undertake any custom equipment manufacturing project, large or small!