Lumar’s Expertise Delivered to Your Installations, Anywhere in the World

Lumar Ideal is committed to providing a complete, satisfying, and personalized customer experience. Our local, national, and international delivery service allows us to bring you all your meat processing and packaging equipment no matter your location.

Our industrial and commercial customers come from all over the world. From Canada and the United States to European and African countries as well as China, our company covers a vast and expanded delivery territory to meet a variety of needs, from the simplest to the most complex. No matter where your business is located, Lumar Ideal provides you with a courteous, flexible and professional service at all times.

Your Equipment of Choice Handled by a Dedicated Team

Lumar Ideal relies on its experienced team to deliver all sorts of products. Our priority is to ensure the safe and hassle-free delivery of your equipment. Our team takes care of the logistics surrounding the shipping and transportation of your order to its end destination.

Lumar Ideal is there to make your job easier and deliver the equipment and products you need on time, whether processing or packaging equipment such as tenderizers, tumblers, vacuum packaging machines, dicers, or replacement parts and accessories such as vacuum pumps or saw blades. We also take care of delivering any equipment that is custom-made to your requirements in our workshop, to provide turnkey service and peace of mind.

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